The Science of Long Term Behaviour

The Science of LTB (Long Term Behavior)

Yesterday the Toronto Maple Leafs announced their new head coach, Mike Babcock, to the national media.

Babcock has just finished a very successful 10 year run as the head coach of the Detroit Red Wings.  He was so successful, in fact, that he had the highest winning percentage of any NHL coach during that decade long period.  He won a Stanley Cup Championship during that time, and although it is true that there have been other coaches who have won more, nobody exhibits better “long term behaviour” in being a hockey coach over that time. The Leafs have made a decision based on the examination of Babcock’s consistent LTB which leads to consistent results.

When choosing to engage someone’s services do you look at that person’s LTB? It usually is a good predictor of the outcome you can expect. It’s definitely a good indicator in the real estate world.

Long Term Behaviour=Consistent Results


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