The Window Of Opportunity

The Window of Opportunity

by David Thompson

Very often during the course of the year I will have buyer clients ask me “when is the best time to buy a home?”

My answer is, if you are looking to get the most home for your money and get the best “value” possible, then the best time to buy would be when other people are not.  The way to gauge this is to use statistics. While it is incorrect to say that no one buys homes in the summer time, we do historically have a 25% drop in homes sold in these months versus the peak spring months of April and May.

What that means specifically for a home buyer is that they likely will face much less competition than during a more active time of year.  Also, sellers on the market may want to settle their home sale prior to the beginning of the school year and therefore may be more open to considering an offer than they would be at other times of the year.

This ability of a home buyer to recognize the timing opportunity and act upon it may realize potential savings in the thousands of dollars range.

It is a very interesting time of year in the real estate market and, in my opinion, one of the two “30 day real estate windows” of the year.

If you would like to know more about my theory and strategies for the upcoming 30 day period or if you would like to see some examples of what I was able to negotiate for clients during the last 30 day window of opportunity please call or text me anytime at 204-981-1940.
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About the author:
At 53, David has spent more than half of his life as a full time residential Realtor and has helped over 2500 clients buy or sell a home during that time period.
Among other awards David is also the recipient of the Re/Max Lifetime Achievement Award currently held by less than 4.8% of
Re/Max agents worldwide.


About David Thompson

Hi, I'm David Thompson. I have over three decades of successful real estate experience in the Winnipeg market, as well as being a guest speaker/trainer at prominent real estate seminars in North America. Today’s housing market is challenging. It takes more than a real estate license to successfully meet client needs. I work smart, leverage my team’s skills, focus exclusively on client objectives and use technology to my advantage. I have built my business over the past two decades through word-of-mouth referrals, and I am very proud that each sale I make leaves clients satisfied and leads to new business for me. I’m asking you to share my value-added service offering with your friends, family and colleagues. I invite them to contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation...I know they’ll be glad you gave them my name!
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