One of the things that most people appreciate (as it appears to be lacking in many aspects of our modern society) is accountability.
I think a reasonable person would understand that life is not perfect, but people who admit a mistake, take responsibility AND make it right are far easier to accept than those that refuse to accept responsibility and in turn look to blame others.
I appreciate accountability when I am the consumer and therefore I try hard to provide it to those that make a decision to become clients of mine.
Want to find out my “accountability statement?”

Contact me (below), text or call me anytime at 204-981-1940 to find out!


About David Thompson

Hi, I'm David Thompson. I have over three decades of successful real estate experience in the Winnipeg market, as well as being a guest speaker/trainer at prominent real estate seminars in North America. Today’s housing market is challenging. It takes more than a real estate license to successfully meet client needs. I work smart, leverage my team’s skills, focus exclusively on client objectives and use technology to my advantage. I have built my business over the past two decades through word-of-mouth referrals, and I am very proud that each sale I make leaves clients satisfied and leads to new business for me. I’m asking you to share my value-added service offering with your friends, family and colleagues. I invite them to contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation...I know they’ll be glad you gave them my name!
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