The One Question to Ask Your Realtor

“The One Question to Ask Your Realtor”

Usually when I am being interviewed by a seller who intends to hire a Realtor to sell their home, one of the first questions asked is “What is your fee?” This is a very understandable question that one would ask as the real estate fee is one of the costs generally involved in selling one’s home.

I am happy to explain what my fee is (all fees are negotiable between Realtor and seller) and answer any other questions the seller has on their mind. The one question (and I think far more important one ) to ask is “What specifically will you do to proactively increase my NET sale price?”

In other words “How will hiring you cause me to receive a LARGER cheque when I go to my lawyer’s office when the sale is complete?”

A Realtor’s specific answer to this question will likely have a bigger impact on your BOTTOM LINE then the answer to your first question. Listen carefully to their answer to this one also…

To find out what my answers are contact me (below), or call or text me anytime at 204-981-1940 to set up a face to face appointment.


About David Thompson

Hi, I'm David Thompson. I have over three decades of successful real estate experience in the Winnipeg market, as well as being a guest speaker/trainer at prominent real estate seminars in North America. Today’s housing market is challenging. It takes more than a real estate license to successfully meet client needs. I work smart, leverage my team’s skills, focus exclusively on client objectives and use technology to my advantage. I have built my business over the past two decades through word-of-mouth referrals, and I am very proud that each sale I make leaves clients satisfied and leads to new business for me. I’m asking you to share my value-added service offering with your friends, family and colleagues. I invite them to contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation...I know they’ll be glad you gave them my name!
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